5 Tricks That Will Change the Way You Stay Motivated
By: Brian Harrington
You decide whether to sink or use a setback as a springboard to improve. The theory is always attractive but the complicated thing is to put it into practice. In times of change and challenges, one of the factors that give us the greatest opportunities for achievement is knowing how to stay motivated.

We have all been affected by external causes that are beyond our control and have damaged our goals. Attitudes of third parties, layoffs or accidents can cause us not to achieve our goals and it is in our hands to change it.

In these situations, it is best to accept them and decide what impact we want them to have on us. You have to stay optimistic, hopeful and energetic. Starting from this base, there are 5 keys to staying positive, motivated, and looking for opportunities:

1. Set Goals

It is very important to maintain our ability to get excited, no matter how difficult the situation. It is advisable to dream and try to materialize it in goals, challenges, and objectives that are acceptable, but that keeps us awake for our desire to move forward, to grow and overcome adversities.

Set daily goals even if they are small, so you will help your mind to focus and work to achieve them. Take a few minutes to reflect on it, draw a small plan of action and, above all, act.

2. Be Mindful of Your Inner Thoughts

When an area of ​​our life suffers, we tend to focus our attention towards it, forgetting other aspects that are working well. Although it is normal to act in this way, it is also very advisable for our psychic health to keep in mind what things, people and situations are there and make our lives happier.

Be fair with yourself and with life. Be aware and appreciate everything that, even in your situation, helps you to smile daily.

3. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Try to be close to the people who love you, who make you feel good and trust you even more than you do with yourself. 

Call those friends you haven’t seen for a long time, hug your loved ones, tell them how much they mean to you, and give yourself permission to receive love. Feed your soul and foster healthy self-esteem.

The power of positivity is a real thing and you can become those you surround yourself —so, choose wisely. 

4. Move, Exercise, and Take Care of Your Diet

Maintaining a healthy and orderly life on a physical level helps us stay balanced and transform boredom or frustration into energy and productivity. 

Check your schedules and fix as much as possible a routine to do sports, go for a walk, and be in touch with nature.

Also, find out which foods can give you more energy, can help you maintain your mood, and consciously incorporate them into your diet. A positive physical self-image also helps strengthen our self-esteem. 

5. Connect with Yourself

Find a daily time-space to perform some activity that allows you to relax, instill inner calm, and connect with yourself.

An example of this is practicing yoga, beginning in the practice of mindfulness, meditation or learning to breathe and rest your mind. If you cultivate a space for yourself every day, you can digest and transform any thoughts you may have and find the answer in yourself.

If you try to follow these 5 tips, you will learn to nurture your inner motivation, providing you with the best tool to regain control of your life and enjoy it more.
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