10 Ninja Tips for Entrepreneurs on Social Media
By: Brian Harrington
Most entrepreneurs know that there are as many social media strategies as ideas that can be generated —and they know that there are hundreds of tools available in Social Media— plus, thousands of ways to use them.

Therefore, I have prepared the top 10 ninja tips for entrepreneurs on social media to use in order to increase their sales and obtain a return on investment —both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

1. Know Your Customer's Reason to Love, Like, Share, and Buy!

It is known by all that it costs more to get a new customer than to retain a current one, and based on this some companies have decided to use social networks as a loyalty tool, and one of the best examples is Comcast’s social media strategy.

“Not everyone digests information in the same way.” —@jar8d

This is a company that had a very bad brand image and decided to implement a customer service system using several Twitter channels where a real team of people is dedicated exclusively to support customers and convert complaints and unsubscribe requests into new business opportunities.

It's all about the experience, emotions, and trust —so, communicate and post accordingly! 

2. Your Brand Needs To Be Different from Others!

One of the main strategies in Social Media is to stand out by creating or improving the brand image and notoriety of a company, and for this, you'll want to provide authenticity, value, consistency, sincerity, and understanding.  

In establishing your brand's top elements, try to aim for distinctiveness and prevalence. 

Distinctiveness is the idea that customers don’t associate a brand’s assets with those of a competitor. 

A desire for singularity makes sense: if a brand element reminds a customer of a competitor more so than of your own brand, you’re driving that customer to your competitor. Be unique! 

Start by making cool and fun branded videos that go viral —people will eventually know it's you/your brand. 

The videos must also be distributed on platforms such as Facebook, IGTV, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok

Remember to stay in brand image, but also take advantage of all the pull that produces a viral video to generate sales (use lead magnets for your call to actions and take them on a branded customer journey).  

3. Create an Effective “Selling Presence” on Your Social Channels! 

If your company sells products online, one of your goals will be to get users to reach the page of your products and buy them, but how to do it? 

This question can be answered from a company, such as, Starbucks and their Unicorn Frappuccino "happy hour" campaign —they manufactured scarcity—which is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

They capitalized on it via social media and it created a viral sensation. Starbucks knew the drivers that would trigger its young, social media–savvy audience—and pounced.

They used their branded hashtag that generated nearly 155,000 Instagram posts during that time period. Learn why it worked here!

Know your customer and the moments that matter to them to create your sales campaign. 

4. Use Market Studies as a Tool for Creating User-Generated Content! 

Another potential of social networks is its ability to use them as a market research tool, where we can know very valuable data for our business. 

One of the best examples is the one carried out by (again) the Starbucks Company's website. 

They decided to create a platform so that users could leave their ideas to improve Starbucks. 

The result was noteworthy since users not only left thousands of ideas but also voted the ones they liked best, left their opinions.

"We establish the value of buying a product at Starbucks by our uncompromising quality and by building a personal relationship with each customer." —Howard Schultz, Starbucks Founder 

5. Generate Quality Leads Through Your Social Channels!

The generation of potential customers is one of the most lucrative social media strategies in the long term. 

The reason that it allows you to open a communication channel of promotions with people interested in our product. 

These customers will follow your sales funnels and purchase what you are selling. This is a seller's dream! 

To get your perfect customer, start by optimizing your profile. It should provide the means for customers to contact you, sign up for your newsletter, shop, and more. 

Make sure you tell them where to go by creating call-to-action buttons. 

Create clickable content with sharp images and compelling copy.

If your goal is to generate leads, make sure to tailor your creative to support it.

"Do not expect the huge results after a short time. Most social networks take time to built an audience, a reputation – and they even take time to figure out what is the best strategy for each network." —Jeff Bullas

6. Outsource Your Social Media!

Getting outside help can be a game-changer for your business. Working with a freelancer, a virtual assistant, or an outside agency can free up your time to spend on other aspects of your business. 

Social media marketing takes time and continuous effort. In order to see results, your business needs to allocate enough time for several tasks, including customer engagement, research, content creation, and performance analysis.

If you find it difficult to keep up with creating enough content and managing each of your social media accounts, you should consider outsourcing.

7. Know What You Want to Accomplish! 

Don’t dive into social media without a specific purpose. 

Know what you want to accomplish and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

Focus on the end result, where are you looking to drive traffic? Where is the profit?

8. Go Live!

Live videos allows you to share the latest content, thereby, engaging the audience, capturing leads, and boosting brand loyalty.

The more authentic, the better —as in, you don't have to be in a studio wearing a suit and tie. Just get on and go live!

To get people to attend, tease the audience with letting them know in advance that you'll be going live on a certain date —and give them the topic of discussion. 

Bonus Tip: give them a reason to stay until the end (by giving them a code word at the end to post in the comments for a free gift). 

9. Show That You Care by Sharing Value! 

View social media as a way to add value to your target audience, not as a way to sell to them. 

You will start building trust when you add value by simply sharing useful links, replying with helpful tips, showing your personal world, and more. 

Be yourself! 

Quality and sharing real value beats noise and “message dumping” every single time. —Filip Mlody, Mimecast

10. Implement targeted social media advertising! 

It can be tricky when navigating social media ads but it's important to note that social channels enjoy access to user information —making this an important tip for highly-effective and specific ad targeting, and lead generation.

To start with, you need to look at the who, what and why of your target customers. 

Who are they, what are they looking for and why would they pick you over a competitor?

"If you’re advertising on social media treat it like one big science experiment. Create a hypothesis about your customers, test different messages and creatives, and monitor your campaigns closely for performance." —Brian Fanzo, Broadsuite

Be sure to match the voice associated with each platform and to cater your ads to work well for where you want them placed.

Remember that creating a Social Media strategy should be the first step before anything else since otherwise, you will go aimlessly and not get results. 

Day by day, the business world of social networks is more complex and competitive, so look at these 10 ninja social media tips and be inspired by them to achieve greater profitability of your digital presence.

Are you ready to become a successful entrepreneur who knows their customer?

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