One pet peeve about pitching: be prepared
By: Brian Harrington
December 07, 2018
No matter what level of struggle or success you’ve seen, or the stage you’ve reached as an entrepreneur, everyone can agree that pitching a deal is never easy. Asking investors for money or for a strategic alliance requires competence and confidence.

Anyone who has made a pitch will tell you — it’s hard. And doing it well takes practice.

Still, when approaching this process, every aspiring entrepreneur has the power to control one key element: being prepared. There is simply no excuse not to be ready, not to have done your homework. After all, this is your business. If you don’t take it seriously, why should an investor?

Making an effective pitch means commanding the room’s attention within 60 seconds. On the show Shark Tank, for instance, most of the ambitious entrepreneurs spend hours rehearsing their lines. At the same time, it is important to be authentic and honest — not to make things up. It will show.

Since you know your product or service better than anyone, be ready to explain it. But don’t stop there. Present an effective marketing plan that demonstrates you know how to get your product into the world on every conceivable platform. And, while making a pitch, be sure to answer key questions before they are asked.

Being unprepared during a pitch can be the surest way to kill a deal or to stop one from even beginning.. Fortunately, when it comes to the art of pitching, practice can make perfect.
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