Scanning the horizon of modern marketing
By: Brian Harrington
November 15, 2018
There is never a shortage of marketing messaging that purports to be the difference maker for a given industry or brand. You don’t have to look far to see new social marketing trends, technology triumphs and promises to merge both to revolutionize our business models.

It can be dizzying. At the same time, marketing and advertising insiders do see some consensus on the trends likely to take meaningful hold. While not everything is applicable to every business or industry, it is useful to recognize the marketing of the future. So what should you expect?

Targeted advertising on social media will be competitive. Even though social marketing on platforms like Facebook has been common for years, the majority of businesses still do not use the tool. That’s starting to change. Large companies jumped on the Facebook train long ago. Now that the rest have seen the effectiveness of directing their marketing by geographic, demographic and psychographic measures, they, too, are taking part. The end result will be a significant increase in social marketing in coming years — along with rising costs.

Marketing will migrate to multiple channels. Again, large organizations have mastered this: the ability to cross-populate marketing messages on multiple digital platforms all at once. Individual entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses are catching up and may soon surpass the big boys. Expect to see more integration of marketing strategies across Google, web content and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s getting personal. Long gone are the days of the automated marketing call and off-the-shelf graphics. Personalization and customization, from social advertising to email marketing, is not only becoming common but necessary. The more personal the message, the more authentic.

Artificial intelligence will play a role. Sometimes vilified as a business bogeyman, so-called AI has proven to be increasingly useful in marketing strategy. That trend is likely to continue considering the power of AI in data collection, calendaring and lead generation.

While it is difficult to predict the staying power of a given marketing strategy, it is critical in modern business to be familiar with the tools and overall climate. The only certainty, it seems, is there will be frequent change.
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