Clever Entrepreneurial Solutions to Reaching Your Goals
By: Brian Harrington
Have you ever walked past an intricately designed garden? One that is bright and colorful, with varying types of flowers all winding together in a complex design that is both awe-inspiring and beautiful? Do you know what that garden started out as? A pile of dirt. That’s right...a pile of dirt, and an idea. 

Someone looked at that pile of dirt, and immediately envisioned in their head the end result, their “goal” if you will, of what they could create. 

Patience is Key to Reaching Your Goals

Like all goals, however, it wasn’t achieved overnight. 

Time and energy, attention to every detail, had to be taken in order to get to that goal. What type of soil to use? What bulbs to plant? What works well together, what does not work well together? 

Then the plan is implemented...the tilling, planting, watering, all the work that eventually leads to the goal.

Keeping the End is Sight will Help with Reaching Your Goals:

This is exactly the same for any goal that an entrepreneur has ever had. Well, in order to be successful, anyway. Almost every idea begins with the thought of the end result. 

“Keep Your Goal in Sight, But Don’t Forget to Tend the Path That Will Take You There”

A specific product, a service, an app, computer technology...all of these are what we first think of. The final product, our success, the end result, the goal. However, if you don’t take the time to pay attention to what is needed to GET to that goal, you will almost certainly fail. 

So, start from the ground up. Know where you want to end up, but take the time and steps to get there successfully. 

For instance, before your start pitching your ideas to investors, make sure you’ve “grown” something to show them. Your product, your idea, whatever it may be, be ready to show how you’ve already started, or at least thought about, marketing it to the consumer. 

- Pay attention to costs, investors want to know these types of things. 
- How much will it cost to manufacture your product? 
- Have you already started manufacturing? 
- What does your product retail for? 
- What is your profit, have you made a profit yet? 

Before you bring your idea to investors, these are all things that need to be tended to, figured out, changed around if needed. 

Having Real Passion will Help with Reaching Your Goals

Be ready to show your investors that you have something worth investing in, that you are so serious about your product, idea, business, etc, that you are willing to put in as much time and thought as necessary to make it successful. 

Always keep that end goal in sight, but remember to tend the path that will take you there...and then watch your dream grow.

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