How To Invest In Yourself
By: Brian Harrington
Let’s talk about coaching, education, and investing in yourself. This is a great topic. A lot of people ask me about this and I want to give you some real insight. 

We are big proponents of coaching and education for ourselves and for our business. We call this investing in yourself! 

Why Coaching and Education Matters for Success

What does it mean when we say coaching and education matter? We go to multiple masterminds a year. We pay a lot of money to attend these masterminds. We also go to multiple coaching events and coaching calls. Overall, each year we attend a lot of these things to learn and grow in ourselves and our business. 

We invest in ourselves, right? And I'm not talking about college and traditional education and not that it’s a negative thing. In fact, I’m a graduate of an amazing University… Penn State to be exact. I graduated from there a few years ago and I absolutely loved it.

What I'm talking about are real-life things that are going to exponentially impact your life and your business. 

What Mastermind Events Can Teach You

There are multiple masterminds that we attend and we pay for —for different reasons. Whether it's for networking, education, marketing, launching, etc, we make it a point to attend the many different masterminds to learn and meet the key people in their industries. 

For instance, one of the masterminds that we recently attended was the ultimate place to network, find, and meet amazing people that can really help us and make an impact in our business.

“Real networking is about finding ways to make other people more successful.” ―Keith Ferrazzi

Another mastermind we're a part of is more of a tactical group. It was more educational. Our takeaways list was long and we learned a ton from people like you! 

These gurus spent time walking us through the tips, tricks, and ways to market better or to create better ads or to create better sequences or emails or whatever they may be. 

Basically, we attend different mastermind groups for different reasons. Usually, it's multiple billions of dollars worth of experience in sales, networking, and investment power all brainstorming, teaching, and learning together under one roof. It's a powerful tool for success in business. 

We also learn and work on how to create different launch businesses.

When I say launch businesses, I'm talking about businesses that have a start date and an end date for a specific offer or product that you're selling. We do this here and there with our sales training business. In fact, we work with the Ziglar Family (yes, the legendary, Zig Ziglar) on businesses like this.  

Why Investing in Yourself Will Bring Success in Your Business

It’s important that you continue to invest in yourself and in your business because people need help. We're always in need of help every single day. We need people around us to show us what's working for them. They want to learn what's working for us. So it's kind of like a, you-scratch-my-back, I'll-scratch-yours type of thing… and we invest in that. 

We invest in that a lot ourselves… the masterminds, the coaching programs, we're involved in multiple coaching programs because there are so many different parts to building a successful business. We never stop learning and seeking help. 

For example, your business has the marketing side, the front end, the website, the advertising, the emails, the backend, the followups, the upselling and down selling, and many other areas of business. We invest in these educational events and coaching programs so that we can learn the specific skills in order to be better, to be more efficient, to make our numbers better, etc. 

We also know that by investing in ourselves, that we don't have to trial and error everything in our business. We don't have to spend all this time, energy, effort, and money figuring it out for ourselves. We go to people who've done it and those who can help us achieve what we want to achieve and accomplish. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. It’s mentorship at its finest. 

With just a little bit about coaching, mentorship, and really investing in yourself are the keys to success. 

How You Can Stand Out As a Successful Business Owner

If you look at the difference between successful people and nonsuccessful people, you’ll see that the nonsuccessful people say to themselves, “Oh, why am I going to spend 20 grand, to attend this guy's event or 10 grand to join his coaching calls or X amount to do this or X amount to do that". We call this small thinking and not believing in yourself. 

Honestly, every single dollar we spend on ourselves, we probably get $2K plus back in return because it's worth it. We utilize these events, these coaching, these masterminds in order to make our business better, more profitable, and able to scale it in a much more efficient way. 

Avoid small thinking and start investing in yourself right now. Figure out what you need, what's holding you back from being successful, and go and try to find someone who can help you unleash that and, and make yourself bigger. 

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