Don’t be afraid to shock 
your system
By: Brian Harrington
January 04, 2019
Do you find yourself stuck in the same stifling routines, where one month pretty much mirrors the next? Chances are you regularly eat the same meals, frequent the same social places and dress the same, in spite of your longing for change.

You Can Raise Your Level of Adventure

There is nothing wrong with being a creature of habit. And consistency, especially with things like exercise, can certainly be a plus. But it’s also important to break out of your mold.

Changing your surroundings can pay off in multiple ways. When you surround yourself with new people, you are entering new conversations. A change of scenery can stimulate thinking and give your creativity a boost. The thing is, you don’t have to make lavish plans or spend crazy amounts of money to change your routine and become more energized.

Time Away from Work Can Energize You

What would you do and where would you go if you had a spontaneous week away from your business? Imagine the rush if you could break free of the familiar conference room and the same faces you see every week. It would almost certainly stimulate ideas and boost productivity.

When we think about “shocking the system” it always sounds negative. But by shaking free from our comfort zone — giving our system a positive shock — we can raise our level of vitality.
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